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The human condition, leadership and growth

After working with innovation and growth for over 25 years i have have come to the conclusion that it all flats out on a personal level - that in the end, companies’ do not achieve anything - only people do. Or they don´t. Not a mind-blowing insight in itself, but when you start looking at the details of how companies are run and how you build the best companies in the world, you realise that in order to deliver fantastic results a lot must change.

It is one of the oldest clichés in the history of corporations: “Our people are our most important assets”. It frustrates the hell out of me when I hear this, knowing that to most companies and managers this is merely a tagline with no tangible or measurable impact on how they actually run the company.

Saying that people are everything, and doing nothing that shows this in practice is a great example on why big and old companies perish and die, and why entrepreneurial startups with less knowledge, les cash and circumstantial resources succeed in replacing the old.

Startups come from a different starting point. Every single person in the startup is there because they are passionate about the idea behind the company, and they have been handpicked for their extraordinary skills. These companies are not even close to paying top dollars, or having great benefits or perks of any kind. The employees get to do what they love, the organisation is flat and easy to navigate, and they have a purpose in what they do. Always a purpose!

So every employee understands why they are at work, they know exactly how they best contribute and what they need to deliver every day to reach their ambitions. They get to use their full potential every day, to be the best they can be, and results are great and they love every second of it!

At INNEOX we have vast experience from building hugely successful companies, and leading experts onboard in the areas of Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, Communications and Insight, so we could pretty much tell you what you would have to do to become or remain successful. Not much different from BCG, McKinsey, CAP and the others.

But our goal is to build sustainably great companies and to move on. Quickly, if I might add, and telling you what you must do does not work!

Why? Simply because you cannot tell people what they should or must do, and expect them to deliver the very best they can. Nor will you achieve any form for lasting results or change if you do. It is human to question every single thing we hear. Our mind will immediately (and autonomously) compare what´s in store already with what the ears pick up. If there is a discrepancy between what you know and what you hear, resistance sets in simply because your map of reality is not in line with the information provided. And if I am right in what I say, then you need to change.

How often have you heard that there is some “change-resistance” in the organisation? Of course there is! It is the human condition to resist change! Change is troublesome because our neurological networks (programs that operates not on our cognitive plane but our subconscious level) must be re-designed. From a purely biological perspective this is problematic due to the fact that the evolution of the modern man is entirely dependent on programs and autonomous behaviour and decision-making for us to evolve. Once we know something, this knowledge manifests itself as a program and allows us to move on to learn new things. But de-learning and changing autonomous behaviour is not something that we humans do easily.

Especially not if we are told that we must!

Lasting change can only be achieved if the motivation to do so comes from within the individual – You cannot tell anyone what they should do and expect any form form lasting change. Telling people to execute a task will only work to a certain point and it will never yield maximum output in a lasting manner. It is not a sustainable path for any company or organisation to take.

We have developed our approach to development of growth companies delivering lasting and outstanding results around a deep understanding of how the human mind works. This knowledge is applied to the work processes of Strategy, Leadership Development and Innovation, guaranteeing the results you look for in any area we venture into. And allow me to add that we do so in record time.

Working with us is different. It is more interesting, challenging, rewarding, fun and mind-boggling than anything you have ever experienced. Are you ready to understand how to make the best possible use of the human mind - your employees? Are you ready to be the best?

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