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Developing robust young adults with the capacity to lead the world into a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable future.

Future Leaders is a great example on what can happen when your are open, curious, caring and simply allow yourself to let go of control. I had been playing around with an idea about developing a network for young people to develop themselves for quite some time. The idea was rooted in my understanding of the failure by the school system to develop strong people and the understanding that the future requires thought leaders, creativity and exploration capabilities. Mundane everyday jobs will be executed by robots and machines and our school system is built for something else.


Early 2014 i was approached by Elin Nørve, today CEO of FutureLeaders Global, in a coffee shop. We started talking and in no time she worked as an intern with INNEOX on what would become FutureLeaders. Today she leads an organisation in Norway and Denmark with over 220 students in total and more than 40 volunteers involved in execution of the program. 

To me, FutureLedares is about fairness, about giving people a chance to become the best version of themselves, regardless of background, by allowing them the opportunity to understand who they are and guiding them into a fulfilling life where they use every day to execute who they truly are.

During the next 30 years, we will  take 1.5 million young people through the program worldwide. Imagine 1.5 million leaders on every level of society around the globe focusing on impact through people. This, i am certain will create a better future for all.​

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